Persian Astrology has its roots within the ancient and mystical tradition of Mithras which is known as the science of light. It includes an understanding of language, medicine, rituals, humanities, and cosmology. The wisdom of Mithras spread from Persia to the European continent and became the mainstream religious culture in many societies such as the Celts and Armenians as well as the Roman Empire. After the fall of Rome, the science of Astrology along with the rest of Europe fell into the abyss known as the dark ages. Unfortunately, in the west, Astrology has been reduced to mere superstition and a Sunday newspaper column. It is no longer a living breathing tradition. In the East, it has remained alive and has withstood the passage of time for more than 5,000 years.

The purpose of Astrology is not to make us feel subject to external forces but rather to bring our attention to the workings of the inner world and our greater destiny. The same universal laws that hold together an atom hold together galaxies and star systems. The same invisible power which moves the entire universe moves an atom. Regardless of the apparent vastness and shape of beings or objects, they are all a reflection of the same indivisible source. Used in this context, Astrology becomes the science of self-realization and higher consciousness. Astrology can be defined as an organized system of knowledge that allows us to recognize potentialities and the qualities of time in our own unique lives. Time is the medium in which the miraculous power of nature operates and it is through this understanding that we can maximize the results of our efforts.

The one who has been imbued by the light of the beloved is known as an Astrologer or the “Seer of Light.” He or she has the ability to decipher the symbolic language of nature and outlines the calendar of your destiny. The main objective of meeting with a true Astrologer is to deeply understand the unique light of your being and your greater purpose in life. It is to understand your individual relationship with the various affairs of life as well as the opportunities and challenges that are present at a specified time. The predictive aspect of Astrology provides details and precise timing for major life events. In the light of such understanding, one can plan ahead and improve the capacity for decision making abilities. Accurate predictions by a true astrologer will undoubtedly offer each individual the insight and awareness to make future decisions with greater clarity and discernment.

In Persian Astrology, Planets are not dead entities out there somewhere in the universe but rather living beings which mirror the working of our body/mind consciousness. The Sufi poet Rumi once said “Break an atom and find a universe within.” Astrology is a subtle science that can reveal the inner tendencies, innate talents and obstacles that may lie ahead. The greatest gift of Persian Astrology lies within its ability to overcome obstacles and unleash the potent potentialities of one’s true nature.