About Andre


Andre has studied numerous spiritual disciplines throughout his life including the Vedic sciences, Buddhism, Shamanism and Ayurvedic Medicine. He maintains a deep meditative practice that serves as his bedrock for understanding the true nature of reality. He offers his clients a reading that is both technical in its form as well as artistic in its delivery. 

Andre believes that astrology readings should offer an individual an enlightened viewpoint of where they are currently standing and what direction they would do best traveling in as well as possible pitfalls along the road of that winding path. His valuable ability to help shed light on to situations helps the individual’s natural flow of life bloom into its full being.

Andre has a full range of life experience from which to draw on including corporate management, institutional trading and service in the U.S. military. Andre holds an MBA and his aim in practicing Persian Astrology is to increase each individuals’ level of consciousness according to his/her unique psycho-spiritual attributes as well as assisting him/her to obtain material wealth. It is in the marriage of body and mind that one will find the greatest happiness.