The Walkabout (Natal Reading) is done in person or via the telephone or skype. All other readings are done via email. For more information you may send an email to: or call (949) 892-9830. 

Walkabout (Natal $180)

This is the most important reading and it lays the foundation for all other readings. It is an in-depth examination of your psychological and spiritual make up as well as your strengths, weaknesses and latent potentialities. This reading also provides a view of karmic tendencies and gives you the necessary insight to maximize opportunities and minimize suffering.

Approximately 45 minutes. 

Sun & Moon (Relationship Compatibility $100)

In this reading Andre will examine the compatibility of you and your partner (romantic, business or friendship) based on a number of factors such as temperament, progeny, psychological disposition, sexual compatibility and communication. Partnership has many faces and understanding how you relate with in this arena provides vital information so that you may understand this dynamic aspect of self.

Life Path (Career $80)

This reading provides an overview of professional and financial opportunities that are uniquely suitable for your temperament. This will be based on the examination of specific houses and planets in your natal chart as well as specific charts that pertain to your professional life. 

Porsesh (Specific Question $60)

Ask 3 specific questions. Please make sure your questions are clear and concise so that I may provide the best possible answer for you. 

Vedic Remedies ($50)

Explain your problem and Andre will recommend a curative measure to counter the ill effects of the planets. These curative measures are the Shamanistic aspects of the Vedic culture and work in mysterious ways. They are usually meant to reach the core of the individuals’ inner conflict and are meant to bypass resistance that is usually present when the intellect or conscious aspect of the mind is involved. Even though these remedies can be subtle in nature, their impact can be quite profound. 

Gem Magic (Jewelry Report $50)

All gems and metals are living beings and effect different areas of life. This report will tell you which gems and metals are appropriate for you to wear. You do not want to wear jewelry that increases the energy of disease, poverty or chances of accident or even death. This report is a must for all those who like to adorn themselves with jewelry or simply want to better manage their planetary alignment.

Favorable Timing ($60)

Are you planning a marriage or the start of a new business? Are you moving to a new home or planning a surgery? Explain what type of activity you are planning/your time frame and the astrologer will recommend specific dates that would increase the chance of success. As the adage reminds us, well begun is half done. The time you start any activity is extremely crucial and sets the tone for how the project moves forward.

Regenerate (Annual Reading $100)

This is an excellent follow up reading for regular clients and those who have already had a natal reading done with Andre. This report goes deeper into the complexities of your particular planetary systems with a heightened focus on predictions rather than interpretations. The report typically analyzes the upcoming trends for the next 12 months.